Co-Op Management

In-house team that handles your co-op budget

A co-op budget is such a great way for companies under a corporate name to receive advertising dollars to promote their brand. But it also means adhering to criteria, tracking every dollar and paperwork (lots of paperwork). We have our own in-house co-op team who assist our account services team with tracking your co-op budget and getting any and all possible co-op reimbursement. When you work with us, in-house co-op pre-approvals, claims and troubleshooting are included at no cost to you.

Following all Co-Op Requirements

We organize and compile all the documents that the guidelines require for claim submissions and keep in contact with all media vendors to make sure they are updated on co-op requirements. We also send over the correct documentation for claims and monitor reporting and spends to ensure invoices go out accurately and timely. Our in-house team covers:

Pre-approval submission

Claim submissions

Comprehensive budget tracking

Co-op guideline expertise

Invoice tracking & submissions

Monthly reimbursement notifications (at request)

Making co-op process as seamless as possible

Our Co-Op team's goal is to make the process as seamless as possible for our clients. We notify you of guideline updates as we are made aware of them and have all of our budget and submission information updated and readily available should any questions arise. Our co-op team’s specialties: Maximizing your co-op budget to its fullest extent. Knowing your budget standing at all times* Quick turnaround time frame

Co-Op numbers at a glance

Spreadsheets, numbers and checklists make our world go ‘round, and we're always updating our process to make sure it is as simple, accurate and easy as possible for our clients to follow. The process requires a lot of organization skills and constant hands-on attention to detail, so it could be a lot to manage on one's own. That's why our team pulls together to take this responsibility off your plate, leaving you time to focus on your business and brand.

Our team is always available to our clients for questions or assistance. Interested in learning more? Fill out the form below for more information on our co-op department.