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Nurture for Lead Management

Nurture is SI EQ’s lead management software, powered by SharpSpring, to provide a one-stop marketing automation and sales solution. Learn more about our tool.
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What You Get
  • All-in-one lead management
  • Simple and efficient sales pipeline
Competitive Edge
  • All-in-one marketing automation and sales solution
  • Proven marketing ROI

All-in-one marketing automation and sales solution

All-in-one lead management

We start with an online lead. Whether it’s from places like John Deere Financial, TractorHouse, Facebook or your website, SI EQ maps all platforms so your team has one, simple-to-use dashboard with all of their sales leads. Using SharpSpring’s powerful automation tools, our Nurture program then assigns your leads to the appropriate salesperson based on geography, equipment type, or any other field you choose.

All marketing communications tied to one platform

Not only does Nurture automatically assign your online leads, but it also syncs email and phone communication between your sales team and their leads. No more going back and forth between tabs on a browser - with Nurture, SI EQ brings everything into one tool.

If quality leads are your problem, you’ll love the Life of the Lead feature. Automatically assign a point value to each lead as they reach certain criteria, visit web pages, interact with media, and more. Eliminate valuable time spent by your sales team manually qualifying leads.

Simple and efficient sales pipeline


We also recognize that no tool can succeed without team buy-in, so we’ve put a priority on making Nurture as easy to use as possible for your sales teams. With the Opportunity Pipeline, your sales team can seamlessly and efficiently organize and keep track of their day-to-day leads, moving them through the buyer's journey with a simple drag-and-drop interface.


Proven marketing ROI

Once sales are won or lost, track marketing ROI with the campaign attribution tool. No more guessing if your paid or organic marketing efforts are resulting in sales, as all campaign, dollar amount, and ROI data is readily available in Nurture. As an added bonus for our full TraDigital partners, Nurture ROI data feeds into our Tableau reporting tool so your marketing team can see all results in one convenient spot.

Automated email marketing program

Finally, tie these tools together with our automated email marketing program, giving you the ability to re-market and convert leads via email marketing, without ever having to lift a finger.

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