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SI EQ offers search engine optimization strategies to boost your brand’s rankings and captivating content that appeals to ag and equipment dealer customers.
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What You Get
  • Content that appeals to ag, solar, and equipment dealer customers
  • Search Engine Optimization strategies that build your brand’s online authority
  • Quarterly or monthly reports and results calls with our SEO team
Competitive Edge
  • Strategies eligible under most Co-op programs
  • Experienced team implementing SEO strategies with proven success

Crafting content that draws customers in

We know you need content that not only pulls prospective customers in but that keeps them engaged. With our content marketing package, our producers create videos, blog posts, web articles, infographics and press releases that will keep you top of mind among consumers – both online and offline – and ultimately help increase your sales.

SEO-optimized content that appeals to ag and equipment dealer customers

Content marketing goes hand-in-hand with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. Search engines like Google use advanced methods to rank websites and determine the order in which they show up on a results page. Most people don’t scroll past page 1 of the search engine results page, so we want to make sure your content ranks highly and remains visible to your consumers.

Building your brand’s authority through SEO

SEO is not just another marketing buzzword. Implementing SEO strategies means more visibility for your content, more awareness of your brand, more traffic on your website, and more opportunities for your business to build your customer community. SEO helps to fill in the gaps of paid search ads by driving free traffic to your website. When Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ads expire, their effect expires with them- but SEO continues to grow and build the authority of your brand over time.

Creating relevant content tied to your audience and business goals

At SI EQ, we take a content-focused approach to SEO. Rather than leave it to robots to implement changes on your site based on a single algorithm, we have real people creating relevant, organic content for you. That’s because SEO is just as much about people as it is about numbers and metadata. We do our homework to make sure we understand what your customers are looking for, what terms they’re searching for, and the kind of content that will keep them coming back.

Fully-optimized digital content

Once your content is created, we go the extra mile to make sure it’s optimized on your website with all the right keywords, metadata, titles, tags and descriptions. This way we can ensure that your website can easily be found for the products and services you offer. With search engine algorithms constantly changing, you can leave the hard work to us as you focus on managing your business on the frontlines.

Program Co-op approved

As an ag or solar industry business, you can rest assured that our SEO efforts are aligned with the required techniques for successful SEO campaigns. Our strategies are eligible under most Co-op programs, based on requirements that are driven by industry standards. Once again, we stay on top of any changes for you so your business can stay one step ahead.

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SI EQ’s content marketing and SEO package

Our basic SEO package includes:

  • in-depth keyword research and discovery
  • hundreds of tracked keywords
  • quarterly content calendar with four recommended search query categories per month
  • monthly SEO landing pages or blogs created
  • on-site optimization of pages we create
  • content distribution and channel mapping
  • keyword to content goal mapping
  • competitor tracking
  • quarterly reporting

Building your brand as a trusted partner in the agriculture space

Nothing is one-size-fits-all, so everything we do is customized to fit your goals and priorities. We understand that people don’t search the same way for everything, and people search differently in different areas. More often than not, people search the way they talk. We get to know not only the tone of your brand but the needs and interests of the communities around you. Beyond creating awareness, we are building trust and providing resources that can turn potential customers into raving fans.

SI EQ’s proven success

Implementing strong SEO strategies, we have found success working with dealer groups and ag adjacent industries all over the country. We have seen search engine traffic increase dramatically year-over-year, even in areas where clients had little or no visibility when they started with us. Not only are more people clicking, but they’re staying on the pages longer and they’re much more likely to click through to other pages on the website. That means lower bounce rates, higher session durations, more pages per session, and more conversions.

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