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SI EQ strives to be completely transparent in reporting.

Our reports break down everything you'd want to know about your ads, from the exact budget used on each one to how each of them performed.
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Measuring Campaign Performance

When it comes to digital and traditional advertising, we’d like to think it is only as good as what we can measure. That’s why we take great pride in our newest data reporting platform, TraDigital Reports, powered by Tableau. 

Data Visualization on Your Reports

Tableau allows you to see a holistic view of your digital and traditional advertising and associated performance, all in one easy-to-use program. Taking reporting one step further, we integrate our CRM program, Nurture, to give you advanced insights into your sales and marketing attribution. Whether you value high-level reporting or like to get in-the-weeds with individual keyword and ad performance, our TraDigital reporting has all the options.

Training on How to Read the Data

We also don’t just rely on clicks and conversions to do the talking. Taking it a step further, each account service staff member is required to attend - and apply the knowledge of - a training in how to read, analyze, and take action on market share reports. 

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