Dynamic Advertising

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What You Get
  • A fully managed comprehensive dynamic campaign or a la carte dynamic services
  • A more satisfying close rate and shortened time-to-close window
Competitive Edge
  • First to implement this tactic for a national brand
  • Partly automated service means less time (cost) involved

Dynamic Advertising

Dynamic advertising allows SI EQ to pull from your product inventory feeds, automatically creating hyper-relevant ads across social, video and display channels. With a constantly changing feed of inventory or products, dynamic advertising ensures your ads are always up-to-date with accurate information. In addition to accuracy, dynamic advertising allows you to utilize consumer behavior to showcase similar products or inventory, or even display the exact pieces of inventory a user visited. Other third-party used advertising services lead visitors away from your site, taking away valuable traffic and awareness for your organization. Through SI EQ’s dynamic advertising program, you can experience the same benefits of these third-party services while leading users directly to your website. With our advanced inventory filters, SI EQ can target specific models, makes, years, or even time-on-lot - helping you move your aging inventory like never before.

Benefits of Dynamic Advertising

  • A hyper-targeted approach 
  • Accurate information and pricing
  • Automated feed updates (12 hour cycle)
  • Behavioral or Retargeting capabilities
  • Relevant advertising
  • Shortened sales cycle
  • Qualified leads

Results from Our Dynamic Advertising Campaigns

Dynamic Advertising has garnered incredible results for our clients, compared to more traditional digital advertising tactics. Advertising a more relevant product base generates a cheaper cost-per-click, with an average decrease of 72% compared to traditional click-to-web campaigns across display and social channels. Not only has dynamic advertising led to cheaper cost-per-clicks, but it has also generated increases in lead volume. Clients who have taken part in our dynamic advertising programs have seen a 55% increase in lead volume compared to similar click-to-web campaigns.

The Future of Dynamic Advertising

As more businesses understand the need to create an e-commerce experience for their customers, dynamic retargeting becomes even more vital to leading a digital user to the sale. You stay top-of-my-mind after a website user has shown interest and the relevant content creates trust with your brand.

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