Programmatic advertising has become a cornerstone of the digital marketing landscape, particularly in the United States where it represents over 90% of digital display ad spending

March 18, 2024

Integrating Doppio® into the landscape of programmatic advertising offers a transformative approach to media buys, thanks to the platform’s cutting-edge household targeting capabilities. This integration is particularly relevant in today’s market, where programmatic advertising is not just prevalent… it dominates digital display ad spending in the United States.

Programmatic advertising is projected to account for 91.3% of all advertising in 2024, according to eMarketerPro. As businesses seek more refined and efficient advertising strategies, Doppio® has emerged as a pivotal solution to  enhance the precision and effectiveness of programmatic buys.


Doppio® by MHP/Team SI stands out in a crowded marketplace by marrying privacy-conscious data with expert media-adjustment strategies. These steps are a necessity in today’s market, where privacy concerns are reshaping advertising norms. Shaped by MHP/Team SI’s status as a Google Premier Partner agency and our in-house team of certified specialists, Doppio® leverages industry-leading tools to make precise, strategic placements, ensuring ads reach the right audience every time. This level of precision is critical in a programmatic environment, where dynamic and automated marketplaces often dictate the ad-buying process.


The proprietary Doppio® system is designed to optimize the effectiveness of campaigns through sophisticated aggregated and automated data analytics. Paired with the human insight of certified professionals, this combination ensures that programmatic buys are not only data-driven but also intuitively aligned with the brand goals and consumer behaviors that are unique to your business. The platform’s use of automatic bidding and data automation keeps campaigns running at maximum efficiency, boosting ROI by ensuring that every dollar spent contributes to reaching the intended audience with the right message.

One of the most compelling features of Doppio® is its exclusive household-level targeting capability, which represents a significant advancement in programmatic advertising. By identifying specific household identities, Doppio® enables advertisers to craft tailored messages that resonate on a more personal level, enhancing the relevance and impact of ads across multiple channels, including programmatic TV, digital out-of-home (DOOH) and social media platforms. This precision targeting is especially beneficial in a programmatic landscape that is expanding into connected TV (CTV) and digital audio, sectors experiencing significant growth.


Doppio® addresses the industry’s shift towards privacy-first advertising by utilizing anonymized third-party data in its Demand-Side Platform (DSP). This approach not only ensures compliance with evolving privacy regulations but also maintains the effectiveness of targeting strategies without compromising consumer trust. In an era moving away from third-party cookies, Doppio®’s ability to augment first-party data with carefully refined third-party insights allows for a broader yet compliant reach.

The human element of Doppio® cannot be understated. Despite the automation and data-driven processes inherent in programmatic buys, Doppio® ensures that campaigns are never left on auto-pilot. Media strategists are actively involved, making real-time adjustments and ensuring that every ad placement is aligned with the brand’s values and objectives. This balance between automation and human oversight is crucial for navigating the complex programmatic ecosystem, which involves real-time bidding, private marketplaces and a myriad of platforms and exchanges.

Integrating Doppio® into programmatic advertising strategies offers a comprehensive solution that enhances targeting precision, respects consumer privacy and maintains the human touch necessary for truly effective advertising. As the programmatic landscape continues to evolve, tools like Doppio® will be instrumental in navigating its complexities, ensuring that advertisers can achieve the highest standards of media performance while adapting to the constantly-shifting dynamics of digital marketing.

Written by Tim Whitley
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