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July 25, 2022

There has never been a better time to start implementing your solar marketing strategy. The renewable energy industry has experienced rapid growth over the past decade and is expected to keep growing in the later 2020s. This boom could be due to a number of factors. With inflation high and the economy at an uncertain stage, consumers are looking for a more cost-effective energy solution. Also, many are interested in solar power to promote a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce their carbon footprint. Overall, a wider audience has become more curious about solar power and how they can incorporate it into their homes, businesses, and communities. Solar companies can take advantage of this widespread curiosity by standing out in the marketplace with these few tactics and goals. Check out our solar case study if you haven't yet!


Since solar power is still seen as an alternative power source, there is limited information available about the technology. As a marketer this is the perfect opportunity to step in and educate consumers to make them more confident in investing in this energy source. That is where killer content comes in. There are several creative solutions to inform consumers on what the buzz is all about and weed out common misconceptions. This will not only educate the consumer but also makes your company a trusted and knowledgeable source.


Visual content is a heavy-hitter for content marketing in today’s world. It has been proven that video content can shorten the consideration stage, no surprise that there has been a YOY 34% increase in online videos per day. Solar companies can jump on this trend too by investing in video production to curate content to post on their website, YouTube, or social media channels. Video storytelling can be easier to digest for newcomers in the solar market and be informative as well as entertaining if done the right way.


Blogs are an underrated tool for any company looking to inform and connect with customers as well as develop an online presence. Developing long-form or short-form written content can give your audience more detailed information about the solar industry with different guides, recommendations, and even industry news to keep your audience well informed.

Branding and Target Audience

For solar marketing, education is an essential part of the awareness stage in the marketing funnel but branding is what needs to be done to move from awareness to interest. Solar power might be something your audience is interested in but why should they buy from you specifically? Effective branding will give you the upper hand over the competition, letting customers know your values, your mission, and your product. Once you form your full brand identity, you can then determine your target audience and integrate tactics that will attract that audience and incorporate your brand’s mission and goals. Using the following tools can help you communicate your brand’s vision and get customers to perceive you in the way you intend.

Website Optimization

Building a solid and reputable website for your solar company is one of the most vital things you must do for effective internet marketing. This is where consumers go to determine your validity and if your company is a match for their solar needs. Great website development will help you create a site that is easy to navigate and appealing to the eye. The website design and functionality is just as important as the content such as page copy, descriptions, and product pages. Each of these factors contributes to better SEO (Search Engine Optimization), ensuring that your website generates more traffic and ranks higher on search engines so your target audience can find you easier.

Solar Social Media

Millions of companies are using social media to engage with their customers and showcase their brand’s identity in the process. Keep in mind, this won’t be done by simply posting generic pictures of residential solar cells every few days. To optimize your social media presence you need to stand out by developing attention grabbing captions and uploading high-quality pictures and graphics. Think quality over quantity; this will grab the attention of potential leads. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, each platform is different so be knowledgeable of the tools and culture for each of them.

Solar Google Display and Google Search Ads

The average person comes across hundreds of ads each day, sometimes without even realizing it. Avoid creating ads that will get ignored by your target market by creating unique and personalized ads that will grab the attention of the viewer. It is also good to utilize multiple ad channels to maximize results. Advertisers who run both Google Search and Google Display campaigns see 11% more Search ad conversions than running Search ads alone. Whether it's paid social ads, Google Search or Google Display ads, visibility brings awareness.

Moving Forward

Once the customer is familiar and knowledgeable of the solar industry and of your brand you have the proper foundation to follow through and get leads, generate conversions, and make the sale. 

To explore different ways you can jumpstart your marketing strategy, contact us and we can start a conversation about how to get your solar company to soar.

Written by Kennadi Harris
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